translated from Spanish: Add 5,129 homes with damage by 19S

CD. de Mexico, Mexico (agency reform)-with 52 percent advance, the new census records 3 thousand 318 properties with structural damage and other thousands 811 risk high collapse, reported to who will be the third Commissioner recreation, Cesar Cravioto.

to define whether they should be demolished or they can be reinforced, will need another opinion of specialists, he said.

to date have been demolished mil 604 properties, added Cravioto.

among the downed, the Ministry of works has dealt with the biggest, 83 buildings, with a budget of 368 million pesos.

some like the Centaur Tower in Colonia Roma required three months of engineering processes, to prevent damage to buildings inhabited by the side.

the urban management agency has reported the demolition of a thousand 100 houses in Xochimilco and Tláhuac and Iztapalapa, with 185 million pesos.

«the researcher of the Institute of engineering of UNAM, Gabriel Auvinet, made us a study to find out what treatment should be given to the cracks, because the mayoralties have each their own methods», stated Cravioto.

ruled out are necessary relocations colony complete, because with well-managed cracks you can rebuild over and only in some farms in Tláhuac and Iztapalapa offered options to relocate homes.

in all municipalities there are damaged properties, including Milpa Alta, Gustavo A. Madero and Xochimilco, where one smaller number had been registered.

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