translated from Spanish: ‘Death to America’, Korean Iranians on anniversary of Islamic revolution Tehran

-in the framework of the 40 anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution, hundreds of thousands of Iranians today took to the streets in response to the call by the authorities for demonstrate national unity and support for the theocratic system of Iran.el stage of the celebrations were the Azadi (freedom) of Tehran square and its surroundings. The celebrations of the anniversary have been very important this year because of increased pressure from the United States with the regime of the ayatollahs.” Death to the USA”was as usual the theme more chanted by the attendees, mostly from the conservative sectors of the country, they criticized the sanctions imposed last year by Washington against Iran after withdrawing from the multilateral nuclear agreement in 2015.

Students wave Iranian flags during a ceremony. Photo: Iranian President, Hasan Rohaní, EFE said in a speech before the crowd that “the presence of people in the streets of all the Islamic Iran means that they will have ruined the plots planned by the enemy”. Rohani also said that Iran will continue developing their weapons, including programs its missiles, source of concern for US, Europe and regional countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel.En a sample of this power, the body of the guardians of the Revolution exhibited today in the streets of Tehran scene of ceremonies the Qadr missile, with a range of 2,000 kilometers, Ghiam, of 700 kilometers, and Zolfeghar, of 800.
We have not asked and will not ask for permission to manufacture missiles. We will continue our military and defensive way”, stressed the President.

He also said that “the path of the revolution will continue in the same way that in the past 40 years”.

Hasan Rohani, the Iranian President gives a speech during a ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution of 1979. Photo: EFE the 1979 Islamic revolution led by Ayatollah Ruholá Jomeiní, put an end to the monarchy of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, great ally of the USA, who fled Iran beset by protests in January of that year. After declaring the neutral army, proclaimed the triumph of the uprising on February 11 and two months later was approved in referendum establishing the system of the Islamic Republic, which since its inception has maintained complicated relationships with Occidente.Al respect, some of the banners showing slogans “in all areas we will disappoint us” and “the union has been the key to the success of our revolution”. A union which called the authorities in the delicate moment that traverses the country, plunged into an economic crisis that has led to protests and strikes unprecedented in the last year. Tehran accuses US and other rival countries of instigating these popular protests, and of trying to divide the people and away from the theocratic system. In addition, John Bolton, the White House National Security Advisor said last year that Iran would not celebrate on February 11 the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, a prognosis which have disputed those attending today’s celebrations.” This year have imposed us many economic pressures and they tried to destroy the internal drive, but achieved the opposite result”, he told Efe in the Azadi square Abolfazl Hoseini, 52-year-old farmer. According to Hoseini, “much more pressure the enemy puts on our people, the people are showing more unity, resists and with wholeheartedly defends his revolution”.” Our people should know that, if we take a step back, the U.S. Government will take advantage of. During a time they mentioned the issue of nuclear power and now speak of missiles, all with the aim that we give up,”he complained. Difficulties not the entire population, weary of economic, but also social restrictions is convinced that Iran will be able to overcome, however.

Several Iranians burned an israeli flag during a ceremony. Photo: EFE a young 28-year merchant called Ali, dedicated to import products from China, explained to Efe that it has closed its store in the Bazaar since the strong devaluation of the national currency makes their business unviable. “I’m in the process of selling my home and also doing the paperwork to emigrate to Europe because I do not see a solution to the current situation”, lamented. Ali said even their fear on that there is a war in the country, because of the escalation of the warmongering rhetoric both Iran and U.S. or Israel, opposite from four decades ago to a theocratic system that advocates of change, but for now without success.

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