translated from Spanish: They provide recommendations for a more safe use of mobile applications

the President of the CPLT, Marcelo Drago, explained “in such daily actions as send a whatsapp or upload a photo to Instagram we put into play a series of dere “chos: privacy, freedom of expression, honour, freedom of information and the right to own image”. A question that presents an additional difficulty in applications such as those mentioned due to lack of physical control over the information communicated or published digitally. “Levels of safety that we demand of a courier service is high, given personal tenor of our conversations,” said Drago. However, stressed that “few users to review the privacy policies set by Whatsapp and allow you to share information with the”family of companies Facebook”, to which they belong”. This would include data relating to the user’s account and contacts. In the particular case of messaging services, the CPLT suggests prefer those who have end-to-end encryption and coding of communications systems (where the messages are secured with a “padlock” and only those who are part of the) conversation have special code to read them). These safety systems must be enabled both on individual chats with conversation groups. In security matters, WhatsApp features as an extra security measure option of verification of two steps, which operates as a second password, especially useful when we renew our cell phone. In this regard, some messaging services contain reinforced security systems, which block the screenshot or auto-destruyen messages when you attempt to copy. Regarding digital networks that allow share audiovisual material, it is suggested to carefully review other social networks to which your account is linked, since it involves the transmission of photographs and personal content to a wide variety public. As well, may be recommended to keep your “private” account, which allows to control access to your content in any way. In this sense, we recommend avoiding post on your rather delicate profile of which one can repent in the future. For more private which may seem the account, is not completely to unless leaks and failures in the measures of security, as well as the possibility that third parties make screenshots, which then “viralizar”.

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