translated from Spanish: How will the refund of the NFL in the Aztec game do?

once the NFL suspended the game between Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Ram in Mexico, since in the Azteca Stadium playing surface failed to meet the standards, the Federal consumer Attorney (Profeco) issued guidelines for apply for a refund.
The Agency said that after reviewing the terms and conditions of Ticketmaster, Mexticket and StubHub, intermediary suppliers in the sale of tickets, determined that any refund will be applied only to the price of the ticket, so service and shipping charges not they will be returned.
Also reportedly asked the companies responsible for the description of the service; as well as, the described event prices; the number of affected consumers and actions implemented to give refunds.
According to the Attorney General, since it was announced the cancellation have been 373 consultants (via WhatsApp 257; 104 via Telefónica and 12 attentions in the chat of the official website).

Before the cancellation of the game from the #NFL in #CDMX #PROFECO is waiting for the organizers to issue your refund, in the #Telcon procedure will attend to the affected
?55 80 78 03 44 (instant message)
☎55 68 87 22
?01800 4688722 – Profeco (@Profeco) November 13, 2018

how to make a complaint to Profeco?

the Profeco invited affected consumers to make a complaint formally on this link, and reported that the requirements to be treated are: indicate name and address of the claimant.
description of the good or service that is claimed and concise list of facts.
indicate name and address of the provider that contains the receipt or receipt covering operation matter of the claim or, in default, which provide the claimant.
indicate the place or way in which sought its claim is relieved.

The match between the Chiefs and Rams will move to Los Angeles by the condition of the Estadio Azteca #NFLMX more here: – NFL Mexico (@nflmx) November 13, 2018

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