translated from Spanish: Fierce Fire sweeps a supermarket of Tiger

an impressive fire hits a supermarket chain Carrefour in a tiger known as rowers Plaza shopping center. According to first information, the fire began at 16:50 and surprised those present by high flames and the large amount of smoke that emitted. It would have originated on the first floor in a room of trampolines and then expanded to ground floor. 

Images of fire | Photo: Twitter @carolacandia all of the Mall were evacuated to avoid any kind of accident and found the presence of the SAME ambulance, although so far there are no wounded, while you shuffle the possibility of poisoned by inhalation smoke.” Among all employees of locals began to scream, help, to evict. They evicted all without problem, there were no people in,”he explained to signal news TN Federico Schvetz, owner of one of the premises of the Mall.

The fire would have originated at a local brand new trampolines | Photo: Twitter as it could collect from testimonies of people who were there, at least 20 fire crews working there to extinguish the fire.

Original source in Spanish

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