translated from Spanish: Karen Bejarano and Juan Pedro spent a long separated years ago: “It was very painful”

Karen Bejarano and Juan Pedro Verdier celebrate 15 years of relationship while they rest in Playa del Carmen and meditate on all this time together. The couple who met at Mekano when they were a few teenagers, acknowledges that it has not been easy to sustain a relationship for so many years. Even the singer revealed that two years ago they were a time separated and nobody knew it.” A couple of years ago we were separated some time. It was short, but super hard, very painful. Neither of them wanted to be away from each other, but we wanted to give a respite to the relationship,”Karen told Mon. And he added that it was a decision that took on “hot” due to excessive work that everyone had and little time spent together: “not meditate it and not put in the first position the love we felt”. On the other hand, Juan Pedro pointed out that the key to overcoming the episode was to assess what each wanted in life: “for my part I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Karen and everything else could be overcome”. Bejarano, insofar as possible, he added that the only way to overcome a crisis is to give importance to the family, one which formed since his son William in 11 years today. “The passes work and is love so we reconnect, maintain communication always”. Still, patience is key to a relationship to TV host. “It is like building a House, it is building every corner. We have given us the time of knowing every detail that likes and disturbs the other”. The Uruguayan said that currently they are focused on search for instances to share who like both, as do sport “or as what we are going to do now, rent a boat and go alone”.

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