translated from Spanish: November 21 are invited to the March of the drawings by persons with disabilities

then the great attendance and impact of the March of the empty chairs, organizations, institutions and transporters who we work for and with the pe rsonas with disabilities, continue carrying out actions to make visible our claim, since from the Executive branch do not give any answer.

The lack of payment of benefits, the obsolescence of tariffs, the decline in pensions to people with disabilities, among other claims, they require an immediate solution. Will present a petition to President Mauricio Macri, to demand: reverse with widespread decision to low non-contributory pension for invalidity due to incompatibility with the 432/97 Decree should be revised from the current regulations in the historical process of delivery of pensions and disability. Cannot generate anxiety in people with disabilities.
That program include health complies with the comprehensive care of people with disabilities across the country and in particular with the delivery of medicines, diapers, orthoses, prosthesis and supplies.
Regularization of the payments of the benefits provided to persons with disabilities, without unjustified discounts, by including health.
Revision of tariffs determined for these benefits taking into account the cost of living and the increase in salaries established by the joint.
Implementation of the national network of rehabilitation.
Development of sources of employment for persons with disabilities, in particular to comply with labor quotas in the State.
In addition, hundreds of drawings in all of the plaza de mayo, must be placed so that it takes into account one of the most vulnerable sectors of society: people with disabilities.

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