translated from Spanish: The son of the actress Leonor Varela

died the son of actress Leonor Varela, Matteo V. Akoskin of 5 years, died on Friday because of the degenerative disease who suffered, Leucodistrofia AGS.

thus informed him responsible for communications from the artist, María Dolores Díaz on social networks: “rest in peace beautiful #matteo you were a warrior.” All the strength and the best energies to Leonor Varela, Lucas and lunita”. The next artist to her husband, Lucas Akoskin and her other daughter, Luna, moved to California, United States, in search of a better quality of life for Matteo. However, since some five months ago that the child only had health complications as a result of his illness. In an open letter that Varela shared magazine faces last month, the artist confessed that the State of health of Matteo was complicated: “there are moments that seem endless where hold me can only the faith in God and in the life, where everything has a perfect order although I n” or understand it here and now. And because life is thus, with ups and downs.” The last picture the actress shared by Matteo on social networks was a picture of her son dress as a result of the devastating California fires firefighter: “firefighters are, and will continue to be our heroes by the incredible, courageous and tireless work that they make for all of us! Thank you! “.” Matteo was born on 21 November of the year 2012 and when the actress was 10 months old revealed that the doctors noticed that he didn’t have a proper development, time in which diagnosed his illness.

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