translated from Spanish: Video: “Last journey”, special to one year in the disappearance of the submarine

Isabel Vilca is sister of Alejandro Polo, one of 44 crew members of the ARA first Cape San Juan. Account to Filo.News that a year ago received a whatsapp from her sister-in-law that told her that they had lost contact with the submarine. He said that since that day changed his life. And he spent the last twelve months to speak with political authorities and the Navy to try to know what happened.

Last contact and location of the ARA San Juan Luis Niz tries to escape the excitement. It fails. It breaks down to remind her son Luis, 28, another of the missing divers. “Not wanted to travel because December seven was going to marry.” It was his second trip in San Juan”tells camera man with his eyes sobs. 

Luis Niz first out and the man who witnessed the construction of the San Juan in Germany and led his first trip recounts the impact he felt when his wife called him because on TV they reported that the submarine was lost. “I couldn’t believe it,” he said. It’s the retired Captain Carlos Zavalla, the first Commander of the ship, who led the expedition from the German city of Endem to sea of the Plata.De much that first trip is known: sailed on December 21, 1985 to the Argentina. The voyage lasted 638 hours. They were 27 days of travel in immersion and the arrival to the Mar del Plata Naval Base on January 18, 1986.

On December 21, 1985 the San Juan sailed towards the Argentina of the last tragic journey there are many doubts still. And there are several unanswered questions, a year of the last contact of the vessel with the Armada.El November 15, 2017 at 7.30 last communication was recorded. There from San Juan reported a fault in the battery, reported a short and asked them to follow road to sea of the Plata.Nada more is learned of the submarine or its 44 crew members. And began a search without precedent in the country. An endless pursuit.

In this special family members are expressed with pain and at the same time to demand answers. And the first Commander brings his knowledge and history of a ship which served the Navy for more than three decades. 
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