translated from Spanish: BASAY and Copa Chile title: “I am very proud of the group that we have to go”

Palestinian coach Ivo Basay, assessed this Saturday have reached the title of the Copa Chile 2018, after beating in the final to Audax Italiano, au nthat was clear in stating that we must change the chip quickly to work in order to keep the category. When referring to this Crown, the third of the club in the Copa Chile after 1975 and 1977, ‘Bone’ pointed out that “there are moments and times. Such moments are not transferable in time. From Monday we need to get us to think about the Championship. We will have the possibility of playing the Super Cup and the Libertadores. It’s wonderful. It will not take today, that you enjoy, because they won it”. In addition, the former front emphasized the delivery of their wards. “There were players who had to infiltrate, as Farias. The ‘Wizard’ could not train. I am very happy, proud of what they did. They deserve it. It is a just reward. This victory is for the entire colony and, above all, for the players.” A brief analysis of the rematch at the cistern, which ended with triumph 3-2, Basay indicated that “in the 2-0 one has to stay calm. We made many mistakes, sometimes unnecessary. We remained calm, we drips lines. Errors have been corrected and the ‘Wizard’ pulled out a goal that gave us a lot of peace. I’m very happy and proud of the group that we have to go.” Finally, regarding their work and responsibility that fit in this title, the exDT of Colo Colo, Santiago Wanderers and Nublense said “there is no one who can accomplish something without being strict on the professional side. You have to know when to laugh and when must be working. We have a duckling. The two parties that come are super complicated. We have the possibility of relying on us.”

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