translated from Spanish: Exhibits narcocampamentos in Tamaulipas Association

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas (agency reform).-the civil association Milynali of Tamaulipas, dedicated to search for disappeared persons, revealed that they have on their travels through the State territory found at least 50 narcocampamentos in the past six years.
Graciela Pérez Rodríguez, President of the Group and network public forensic science (CFC), indicated that these sites are used by organized crime to bury or burnt the bodies of the victims with the intention of erasing all trace.» «We face to find a lot of sites with mass graves, for example, I only what I have done in these six years have been more than 50 sites, where camps and remains have been found», said the activist. A report by the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE), reported the existence of 280 graves in Tamaulipas between 2006 and 2016, figure that, nationwide, located in Tamaulipas just below Veracruz with 332.perez said that the narcocampamentos where there are mass graves or sites for burnt bodies, were mainly in the municipalities of the Centre and South of the entity. In these places, he said, is where members of the Group carried out the search for relatives missing from 2010, when broke the war between criminal groups for control of the squares in Tamaulipas.
activist accused the narcocampamentos to proliferate to the complacency of the authorities and the fear of face reprisals if they report citizenship.

He said that, for example, in Xicotencatl, the camps have been located 200 metres from the village, near the houses.» «I’ve always said that if this is happening it cannot fortuitously or hidden way, because it is something that is seen, is something that will smell, is something that everyone could see how is that these criminals go if they are large camps» said.» «Then, they can not pass unnoticed, that is my impression, I believe that it is enabling, don’t know whether society or the same Government that has allowed this proliferation», added. Exchange
in Tamaulipas, where according to official figures leads nationwide with almost six thousand cases of people who have disappeared in the last decade, authorities strengthened a database for the exchange of information at national level about missing persons and deceased persons without identifying, informed the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE). The Agency said that through the Special Prosecutor in the investigation of the crimes of forced disappearance of persons, they were able to strengthen the Base of data before Mortem/Post Mortem (AM/PM).» For the exchange of information at national level of missing and deceased unidentified people», said the PGJE.
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