translated from Spanish: Paseo Ahumada will be remodeled and will include State of the art

Office Plan architects was the winner of the contest walks pedestrian of the center of Santiago, and will be in charge of giving a new face to the Paseo Ahumada. The intervention will be the most important since the street lanes to 40 years. «We have a plan to regain the Center and our diagnosis is that trips had already served its useful life and we had to remodel them. Ahumada we did a contest to improve it because several years ago that not is it invested here. We are going to renew about one kilometer from the mall to the Plaza de Armas, including new furniture, futuristic design and technology», said Mayor Felipe Alessandri. The new Paseo Ahumada will have free internet, 29 interactive displays with information of different types, 37 high-tech lighting poles, maintain existing kiosks and allows sort the current infrastructure. The work of improvement of the space will mean an estimated investment of about 3 billion pesos, which will begin in the middle of next year and will cover a total area of 16 thousand square meters, from the mall to the Plaza de Armas. Christian Yutronic, Plan architect, architects, explained that the project takes care of all the users of the walk «from people who have a business up to passers-by. «It is a place that has plenty of space and which has a high daily demand and our main concern was how to sort it and clean it, to make the heritage buildings look better and the urban space of a technological leap forward».

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