translated from Spanish: What is Hezbollah and why relates them to a case in the Argentina?

Hezbollah, or also known as Dios party as referred to in the Quran, is a Shiite political, social and military organization that lies mostly in the Republic Lebanese. Shia or Sunni, what is the difference?
The division is highly complex to understanding that it goes back to the year 632, the death of the Prophet Muhammad and the consequent dispute for the right to lead the Muslims. However that both branches have co-existed for centuries, sharing many beliefs and practices, Sunnis and Shiites remain important differences in doctrine, rituals, laws and organization. In addition to this, many of the recent conflicts have deepened this division. The Sunnis are the clear majority among Muslims (90% approximately) and are presented as the most traditional branch of Islam. They venerate all prophets mentioned in the Qur’an, but particularly to Muhammad, who is considered to be the final Prophet.

The political support of the organization is based on the rejection of the occupation israeli Shiites present themselves as the party of Ali. Who was that? The Ali in question was the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad and Caliph who was murdered. The truth is that his sons, Hassan and Hussein, were denied the disputed legitimate right to succeed him. Is from this genesis that their practices are referred from the grief and faith. When does Hezbollah?
It comes with financial backing from Iran at the beginning of the Decade of 1980 from a fight to expel Israeli troops from the Lebanon. The rejection of Israel, and its consequent withdrawal from Lebanese territory in the year 2000, is part of the ideological flag binder of the party is a terrorist organization?
The answer to this question will present strong distances according to who was consulted. For the United States and allied countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia or Israel, Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. They accuse them of numerous attacks within which highlights the one that occurred on the US Embassy in Beirut (capital of the Lebanon) in 1983.

The Republic of Lebanon borders Syria, Jordan and Israel to those who support it, Hezbollah is a resistance movement that expelled Israel de el Líbano. Is due to this that, in recent years, both political and military influence has grown, achieving parliamentary representation and intervening in international conflicts of weight as the war in the Republic Arab of Syria. would the bond between? Hezbollah and the brothers arrested in forest?
Between yesterday and today, two men suspected of the Lebanese group were arrested from a DAIA complaint. It’s the brothers Kevin Gamal and Axel Ezequiel Abraham Salomón, 23 and 25 years, who would be another sought-after young cousins. Members of the Muslim community came to the place and questioned the operation. Some of the protesters wrestled with policemen and agents of the PSA. “With the excuse of the G20 we pursue all Muslims, we are Argentine,” complained a woman. The truth is that at the moment there is no concrete evidence linking the individuals concerned with Hezbollah. In this note:

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