translated from Spanish: Why killed 48 manatees in Tabasco?

the Attorney Federal protection to the environment (Profepa) reported that the cause for which killed 48 manatees was due to multiple factors that led them to a situation of stress.
A contaminated environment, drought, high temperatures, pesticides, and excess nutrients that favored the blossoming of harmful algae, were the factors that led to his death.
Studies and monitoring of the area identified a contaminated environment and adverse weather conditions, as well as the presence of four species of cyanophytes (blue green algae), generating dangerous cyanotoxins.
Lee: You start rescue plan for manatees in Tabasco; 27 dead go «specialists and researchers identified factors that explain the development of numerous blooms of algae along the Bitazales system; «they found as a main way of intoxication by different species of fish and manatees, feeding as the critical element», explained the Profeco in a statement.
From May 18 to October 26, 2018, were 48 corpses of manatees, in the State of Tabasco, which were found: 25 in Macuspana; 11 in Centla; six at Jonuta; three in Center; one in paradise and one in balance.
More than 70% of the corpses found corresponded to age juvenile or adult Pré, with lengths less than the 2.60 metres the interdisciplinary group of experts concluded the technical and scientific causes after 13 meetings between the months of May and October, and they rejected any interference by oil activities.
35 studies of water, only in one, by the technological Institute of Boca del Rio, marked a high concentration of heavy metals.
Therefore, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) had no responsibility for the death of manatees, as the existence of heavy metals in the basin is at levels well below the maximum permissible limits marked by the Mexican official standards according to the 34 remaining studies.
The revision to the Pemex installations in the area, said that they were made by the Security Agency, energy and environment (ASEA) at two points in the vicinity of the River, which are currently inactive, but taken preemptively measures, not in a corrective way.
Among the recommendations in the area to avoid more carnage, he said, are the engineer and scientist for detection of flowering of new harmful algae, control of invasive species, the implementation of ecological projects ecosystem, monitoring surveys, reforestation in the rivers, among others.
He pointed out that at this time studies show that levels have returned to its original state and there are no limits who presented the death of manatees multifactorial problem, but it will keep the monitoring of waters.
From October 26 has not found any other exemplary dead and most of the 48 manatees were found in the municipalities of Macuspana, Centla, Jonuta.
It is estimated that there is a population of between 500 and a thousand copies of manatees in the area in the basin.

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