translated from Spanish: 5 thousand migrants hope to meet in Tijuana this Sunday or Monday

Tijuana, Baja California (EFE).-the 5 thousand members of the migrant Caravan that entered Mexico on 19 October and this week were arrested in the city of Tijuana, border with US, they expect to meet in this city on Sunday or Monday to make a decision about his future, said local authorities. The largest concentration of Central American, mostly Hondurans, is located in the hostel which was installed at the Benito Juárez sport in the popular North of this city where authorities recorded to 2 thousand 397 people migrants said that they expect the arrival of thousand others during the Saturday and that there are other mil 500 which are in the city of Mexicali with possibilities of arriving on Sunday or Monday. Central American migrants have gone from euphoria, by arrival at the border of Mexico with U.S., thought-provoking since they have seen the security operation that is behind the fence border with U.S. agents. Migrants in Tijuana to await the arrival of his companions to make a decision even though many already analyzed the possibility of staying in Mexico to regularize their immigration status and work and others are planning to wait for weeks or months, while they work in this country, to try to cross into the United States on another occasion. EFE in this note:

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