translated from Spanish: Tense cross between Delilah and Rocío Guirao Díaz: “Is an absolutely sexist thinking”

once more, the “Can we talk” show hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff was part of a tense cross between two personalities. On this occasion, was the singer of cumbia Dalila and model Rocío Guirao Díaz, faced by a question that still generates disagreements in society and that feminism seeks to eradicate: the taboo on women and the display of his body. With the debate already raised at the table, the tropical interpreter made clear that “no” you don’t mind that women displayed their body. “Do you not you think well if dew wants to show her body?”, questioned the presenter, to which she replied: “your work is one thing and another thing is that you do it for the simple reason of being cute”.

“No, I show a lot in my networks. “I am because I want to, to my I love to show my body”, replied Guirao Díaz, mother of 2 daughters and 1 son. To this, Dalila replied: “I have 2 teen boys where I know how they think. I have one that is a little macho enough.”” I do not finish to understand what is it that bothers you. Would you say is the mother who shows wrong? “, inquired the lace, receiving an ambiguous response:”There are shapes and forms to show”.”

Consulted upon, then, “what is the limit,” “the Queen of the cumbia” is expanded: “Rocio is model, can do with her body whatever you think. And the children how are bred? Thinking that his mom and his career was based on his body and what makes. It doesn’t matter if you put you a thong in ass and want to get boobs, you are going to see your son well because it is part of your job.” And he added: “in my case or in any other woman who has a 3-year-old son and wants to get out tits, the truth seems shocking. “I do not like, because if my son asks me, it seems to me a lack of respect for my son”.

Dalila along with their children | Photo: Instagram @dalilaoficial.ok “says it Me with a neckline that it frightens me,” said Rocio amid laughter. “To my it seems to me that the women have to do what makes them happy with their bodies while they are not doing evil to anyone.” Their children, if they see his Mama happy, will be OK. As I work with my body since I am very small, my children have so naturalized. “” Clearly, the day that my son man tell me: ‘Mama gives me great shame, don’t do it over’ this will be my limit, he does not feel uncomfortable “, he argued.” One thing to be your career and another is when your child goes to school, to her bullying. “I have children and their friends are going to eat at my house and I do not coparía me that the friend of my son stand in a post of magazines looking at his friend’s mother’s ass”, I objected to then Dalila.Finalmente, Guirao Díaz closed the discussion : “It’s absolutely sexist thinking that I do not share or in any way and does not represent me. Today we are all women in a struggle so intense that not us it cosifique, will harass us and us is violated in the street; I think it must be put off some of those thoughts and evolve seriously”.

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