translated from Spanish: Deadly plant in the series «The Sinner» exists in Chile: «Is more dangerous than cocaine»

If you’re one of those who are watching the new season of «The Sinner» in Netflix, will surprise you to know that the deadly plant that appears in the fiction n, the Thornapple, can be found in Chile.Camilo Toncio, doctor of Pharmacology and academic from the UMCE, explained in Lun that the plant is not native to the country, but it is possible to find it wild in the South of the country, to the ninth region. «In Chile there are conditions for their growth, that it does not require much sun or water. By his power is used in medicine as an anesthetic, but is also well known that it is used as a hallucinogen,»he added. In addition, the PhD in pharmacology and academic at the University of Santiago, Leonel red, explained what are the effects that causes the Thornapple in people.» «Is a plant that has alkaloids which can cause alterations in the autonomic nervous system, which is controlled blood pressure, pulse, respiration (…) the Thornapple is much more dangerous than cocaine and marijuana», said the specialist. The alkaloid, which possesses escapolamina, can generate hallucinations, heart failure and arrhythmias, or a systemic failure that can cause death. Among other effects is the confusion, the redness of mucous membranes and a contraction of pupils, nausea, and cholinergic syndrome. The effects can be generated by its consumption via oral, or to be placed the leaves, flowers or fruits in warm water or alcohol, which is to release the alkaloids.

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