translated from Spanish: Charles Aránguiz: «Claudio Bravo has the doors open of the ‘red'»

Charles Aránguiz, steering Bayer Leverkusen, referred to the case of Claudio Bravo and its absence in the ‘red’ of Reinaldo Rueda, affirming that the goalkeeper «has the» open door»combination in the America’s Cup in Brazil 2019 face. That Yes, the ‘Prince’ believes it necessary that there is a «conversation of men» in the dressing room to clear doubts and then focus 100% on the football. «It depends on what he wants. I heard that he had nothing to talk about with anyone, have to respect that. It is your right. I’m going to the football theme: if he is well and the technician desired, welcome. I have no problems, but clearly it would be good to have a conversation of men in the dressing room and ready. «We are going to want the best for Chile», said the experienced flyer in dialogue with the CDF. In addition, the exUniversidad of Chile and Inter de Porto Alegre is believed to Marcelo Díaz, today a key part in Racing of Argentina, number on the selected and wheel should consider it in future summonses. «For me, Marcelo should return because it is good. That is the truth today. It deserves a chance, but I’m also respectful and here there is a technician in charge of the selection group and while he decides not to include it… I like friend sorry. I’m glad for his moment, it deserves it», he said. The last duel of Bravo and Diaz with the ‘red’ was in October of 2017, when Chile dropped without appeal with Brazil and failed to qualify for the Russia 2018 World Cup. Then, the goal and Arturo Vidal staged a controversy that divided the dressing room.

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