translated from Spanish: Patricia Bullrich pointed out how many detainees left the March against the G20

good morning, I want to talk a little of yesterday, which was an important day of the perspective that the Ministry of security has in this event. With those words was that Bullrich began his provided press conference some moments ago. As for details about the number of detainees held: «we had in total 14 people arrested, all argentinas.» At this time by the information I have has not been any detainee. I don’t know if one by a previous history». The Minister said that they found «eight Molotov and two detainees. by 25 impound handies because there was a possibility that interfere the G20 communications and official communications These persons were released,»Bullrich confirmed.  

He continued in the details: «three detainees, of whom two were minor which were released immediately and the third also with nails, nuts and puncture». On the demonstration against the G20 itself, it was considered that «was very important mutual respect a consensus agreed upon among the organizers of the event and the Ministry of security nation».

Lastly, he pointed out that most of the presidential delegations will be based on the country about 22:00. The only exception is the case of the President Xi Jinping who tomorrow will meet with President Mauricio Macri. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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