translated from Spanish: Blinking light: the story of the survivors of the recital of Doom

the survivors to this tr agedia, recounted that the violence began long before the human avalanche. Guards walked around showing the bats according to witnesses and the same videos from security cameras show them, including the constant insults to young people, including those who wanted to buy a ticket at the door of the enclosure, which is very common in this type of event, even race with the door charge, lower values.
Read report: Doom: tragedy that generated a before and a later in the massive events in Chile a blinking blue light «saw someone with a bat and people leans back, the half moon, was made I saw blue light that was reflected in the ground because there was water… is» It cuchó that the people who were below said that they do not stick to them. I heard noise, I didn’t see a color because it was being crushed, then not heard anything and fell unconscious,»thus witnessed it one of the five surviving young who was serious and boarding school then in the former Central post.
In addition to the fact that none of the people who was guarding the event had the credentials to perform this function, as it is the course carried out by the OS10 of Carabineros, required to carry out this work in the Today, and given the reception which took the event in social networks, the possibility that generate an uncontrollable situation was predictably high.
A second witness said that he saw the blue and heard screams; » I don’t stick, I don’t stick,»then it became trapped, he went to black, there heard that their bones were beginning to creak and fell unconscious».
The blue light is repeated in all the stories and is possibly the last thing Daniel Moraga, saw before his death under the neon light blue that received those who were admitted. Daniel, as his mother, has was a young strong who had managed to defeat the adversity. A muscular dystrophy had his first years of life in the Telethon, which helped him to realize many of dreams, as it was to make punk music. And it was that same passion, what that Friday did say goodbye with a kiss from his mother, knowing that it was only a week be intervened surgically from his feet, surgery expected by the young, which would greatly improve their quality of life.
One of the witnesses, which was also incidentally who cared for Daniel, says: «I can say the exact color, because in the area of rest had light purple or blue. There they were beating the boys at halftime», also relates that he found a person on a few glasses in this sector and by the relationships established with families in the velatones, he found that that young man she without knowing accompanied to whom until the end it coincided with the physical characteristics of Daniel Moraga.
She asked for help with a friend of Daniel, both fell for a while in a State of denial, they knew that the young man was dead, but they had hoped that this was not so. Then approached a guard who told him «help me get this hueon pa’ outside ‘, she refused because of the conditions in which it was. Up there was an atmosphere of tension, people who were with lack of oxygen, they asked for water, people crying, screaming, when they began arriving ambulances.
One of the big headaches reported by Ines Azema, mother of Daniel, is that his son died in the place and the music never stopped. This fact confirms Rodrigo Moyano, the Santiago fire company 6th volunteer, who attended the rescue of people on the corner of San Francisco to Alameda, around 11:00 pm that night. In this regard, he pointed out that once removed from the place the bodies of two people who were unconscious, he turned down, with flashlights looked for more injured people, but did not look that they any more. While the Toccata was because the music continued, so he decided to get out of there.
Daniel, along with Gaston, were the first to die that night, on the same steps of the building. Angladetti was 25 years old and had come to Chile two months before the incident. He came to form a family with her partner of Chilean nationality and their small daughter of 4 years.
As it relates to whoever your partner, Gaston had bought the entry a month before and was excited to see this band, by the majority of the attendees, as one of the most important of the «Crust Punk» scene around the world.
Gaston, like Daniel, had no chance of leaving the human avalanche, dying in the first minutes after being crushed by the crowd that never stopped from falling down the stairway. His wife found out through Facebook for what happened and to see that he was not returning home or it could communicate with him, began to find out, until after many calls and search, it gave with the body of his partner in the former Central post. As Argentine Gaston and her not being married to him, he could do nothing in the Legal medical service. Was eight days trying to remove his body, until the father of Angladetti sent from Argentina, a power so she could bury it. He never thought that, by going to a music concert, he would die and that his daughter was going to be without dad at age 4.
All witnesses, in addition, concerned the existence of several bats in the place, resulting irrefutably established the presence of two of these objects and a retractable baton, given that such items were seized by the police personnel who came to the location, according to Lt. Felipe Delgado Pérez, which were exhibited at the trial and recognized by some of the witnesses noticed. «The decisive cause of the crushing and death are acts of Sanchez and his guards, acting threatening, provoked an impediment that generated this deadly consequence», said the doctor and expert Vivian busts.
Of which are transcribed in the ruling, all medical professionals agree that the cause of death in each one of the young, whose autopsy carried out, was by an extrinsic compression or crushing, causing asphyxiation by compression in four of them, and in one, liver pop.
According to experts, death by crushing is considered to be one of the most distressing ways of dying.
Fabián González was a native of the city of Iquique, but studying administration of culinary arts in the city of Valparaiso, place from where moved – along with a friend from his hometown – to see the band. Its nearby remember him by his love for drawing and music, as well as water sports lover and Manager of many solidarity causes in their community.
Fabian had a few hours of survival after the avalanche. His mother, Rosa Dames, reached to see her son for a few minutes. He already had been spoken twice by the team of the former Central Post and the doctors knew that the outcome was fatal imminent.
Iván Pávez, medical tanatologo of the LCS, said in his report that Fabian, besides crushing, showed the destruction of one of its vital organs: «hepatic pop could be attributable to a crush, but in particular this injury requires, in addition, «a concentration of pretty significant force in that segment of the body, there is a trauma that causes the main lesion, is a hit of a different kind, can be a fall, by a stroke of knee».
Ignacio Medina, like Fabian, was transferred to the Central station in life-threatening condition.
Ignacio was 17 years old. That night, after the concert, it had been put together on the subway with his father, Álvaro Medina. This, seeing that her son did not respond to calls, began to worry, until it was answered by a doctor in the Central Post, who asked that he moved soon, since her son was, literally, dying. His father felt the pressure of the anguish in his chest and left swift for Central post.
Ignacio was a restless guy. I was in 12th grade, and was very well evaluated student teachers and also by their peers. It was vegetarian, sportsman, not consuming drugs or alcohol. At his young age, I can make 4 disks that published on YouTube and took a course in screen printing, to make their own shirts, which he then sold.
His father remembers that night and says that when they arrived at the Medical Center, the doctor told them that their son was very serious, dying, was prepared so that they were going to observe; his head was deformed, swollen, moreteadas legs, broken toes, had burned back. They spoke to his son, this crying, they’ve always had the hope that he will succeed, because it was vegetarian and sportsman, the only thing I liked was the music… but due to injuries, finally died.
Robert Rivas was a scholarship from first to 12th grade, with the ‘President of the Republic’ grant. While studying, was President of the students of the Liceo comercial Center Insuco 2, graduated in business administration area. He worked and studied sound at the Professional Institute (IP) of Chile with the scholarship Millennium and was in charge of an independent record label, with the responsibility for making the recordings of different bands. In addition, it produced self-managed toccatas, which helped him to work in sound and music in Mexico.
Robert agonized 22 days in the Central post. The history of the Hospital Roberto del Río realize that the cause of death was a brain stem hemorrhage, in the context of a suffocation due to thoracic compression, by chest trauma resulting from being crushed by human avalanche, closed, under the in-hospital survival of 19 days. Although his mother, Fabiola Clavero, has always maintained the thesis that his son was beaten with a contund elemententity and was more than 20 minutes without receiving help.
But finally, and despite the extensive amount of stories and evidence submitted, the only court held that, although they had the bates and the rest of designated implements, these were used by the members of the staff that officiating security, only to threaten people who were trying to enter avalanche, resulting in prevent the descent with the consequent fall and crush them.
One of the statements that more attention, is the media expert Juan Francisco Pulgar, hired by the defense of Sanchez. To be noted, that this same expert, was involved in the case of Nabila Riffo, being contested by the Prosecutor’s office by using evidence that would be outside the law, dismissing his story the judges in charge of this case.
Thumb summarizes the responsibilities on the fact in the following way: «the more reckless behavior, is that of the person with a sweatshirt that brings security to the gate, who is practically triggers the tragedy, since, if that person does that Act of nature» irresponsible, clearly violating controls, anyone can enter because the gate would have been there». It calls attention to the public prosecutor, which much of his analysis consist of statements in the research folder, since it would have only reviewed the testified and referred to the results thrown by autopsies, regardless of medical condition.

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