translated from Spanish: The last day of Peña Nieto as President

former President Enrique Peña Nieto was the same way six years ago came to power: surrounded by bodyguards and armored vans.
But this time, unlike that December 1, 2012, he did so with a Dour and serious gesture, after a day that had to listen to his successor to congratulate “have not interfered in the elections”, but then criticise it for more than one hour by a management that, He said, it was marked by “corruption and impunity”.
On the last day of Peña Nieto as President contrasted with the first Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s since the beginning. Today President issued brunette left her home in the South of the city of Mexico on Board of the car sedan that moved throughout the transition process. And he did so surrounded by hundreds of people who wanted to take a picture with him or greet him.
Peña Nieto also left his house in Lomas de Chapultepec, surrounded by people. But it was not a crowd gathered to celebrate it, but a dozen members of its security force whose priority was to lead him to one of the six armoured type suburban trucks that were part of the convoy which left the place.
The only spontaneous outside the home of the former President were two women and a man, who attempted to greet him and to wish him good luck.
Before boarding the vehicles, and without stopping the pass too, today former President granted a few words to reporters from three television stations. He did so flanked by general Roberto Francisco Miranda, Chief of the presidential staff, the military security police who accompanied Peña Nieto from day one of his administration.
“I want time to think… to reinvent myself,” he said when asked what would do after leaving power.
Yesterday also marked the return of Peña Nieto to your home (or one of them); the located on Avenue of the Palms 1325 in colonia Lomas de Chapultepec. This after having left the Residencia official de los Pinos that since yesterday, and by decision of the current Government, ceased to be home of the Presidents of Mexico, to become a space open to the public.
Leaving Los Pinos to move to the hills House was on plans worth and his family almost since the start of the six-year term, but with a difference: where it had planned to initially get wasn’t the Avenue of Palms House but another located on the other side of the Apple, the Sierra Gorda Street, popularly known as the White House.
That property was that Angélica Rivera, Lady Europe, submitted to the magazine Hello! as the House that was moved. Today, that House looks abandoned.
After breakfast with his family and wait for his escort, Peña Nieto left Palms Avenue House at 10:25 in the morning. This is to go to the last official event as President of Mexico: the meeting of the General Council at the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro.
The journey was approximately 19 km, from West to East from the capital of the country. The convoy of trucks of Peña Nieto fulfilled it in 20 minutes, at constant speed, without stopping, solo. Here there were no riders who accompany him, people waving in the streets or running to give her flowers, all these pictures of the other route, that of his successor.
The waiting and the farewell at the Congress, Peña Nieto was received by a Committee headed by Fernando González Noroña, one of the most critical politicians of his six-year term. Noroña had promised that it would not carry out physical or verbal protest to outgoing President. And he complied with it. That no freed penalty incidents, because a group of people on the other side the Congress Avenue from the Union shouted “thief!”, “out!” and “murderer!”.
Already within the legislative halls, the ex-President had to wait almost 20 minutes to begin the event by a slight delay in the arrival of López Obrador. For the first time in six years, starting not depended on the arrival of Peña Nieto.
What happened then is history known, broadcast live nationwide. Peña Nieto removed the presidential sash at 11:23 in the morning to deliver to the Deputy Porfirio Munoz Ledo, President of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, who, in turn, handed it to Lopez Obrador. Thus, with that gesture, one ceased to be President and the other began to be it.
In the speech that followed, Lopez Obrador spent five minutes early to thank Peña Nieto had not intervened in past elections and have respected “the will of the people” at the polls… The recognition ended with a round of applause. And it was the only time smooth.
The hour and 15 minutes remaining of the now President’s speech it was attacking the policies implemented in the past, with the Government of Peña Nieto as one of the protagonists. Obrador criticized in particular the structural reforms, considered by his predecessor as one of his great achievements, but he qualified as an error that did not benefit the country.
For all speaking, Peña Nieto tried to remain expressionless, occasionally moving in your Chair. But on several occasions, the former President took the hands to the face, sometimes to scratching, another to cover his eyes. Also it dipped is lips constantly. Discrete gestures but denote a degree of discomfort from exmandatario today.
There was a moment in which Peña Nieto made a note on a paper and addressed a Word to Marti Batres, the Senator of Morena, who now chairs the Senate. This just happened after Lopez Obrador referred to the growth of public debt in the country and which today total more than 10 billion pesos.
At the conclusion of the speech, Peña Nieto Obrador shook hands and wished him luck. After he left Congress accompanied by the procession of lawmakers who received it. It withdrew from the area in the same convoy of trucks that arrived, accompanied by the same body of security.
But this time his departure was not for the central part of the Palace of San Lazaro, where came even as President. Peña withdrew for a side access building of Congress, still surrounded by his seat belt. He did so quietly and without the presidential sash.
What’s next for EPN?
In the morning, when he walked the few meters which went through the door of the House of Avenue of palms to the convoy of armored trucks, Pena was questioned about what would do then stop being President. This is what he said: “what I want is to have time to think and reinvent myself… Today I’m here with my family, with my spouse and my children. “I shall be with them only conversation in the family, so it will be with them”, said.
In recent days, Peña Nieto said that he wished to withdraw from the policy at least for a while. His spouse, Angélica Rivera, recently mentioned in an interview with the journalist Pati Chapoy which would take a “break”. Both confirmed that his goal is to continue to live in Mexico.
In terms of the security of the President Peña Nieto, the information provided by the authorities is that it would continue accompanied by elements of the Presidential General staff but this will not be definitive, because the new Government’s policy is that the military Now this function do not comply with the former Presidents.
Federal authorities indicated that the possibility of elements of another federal Corporation to collaborate with the security of Peña Nieto and his family, in a more discrete scheme. He is not expected to give public details on this.

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