translated from Spanish: The struggle of SMEs: denounce terminal crisis and require policies public

concentration will be held from 10 am on Thursday and the leaders SMEs try to dialogue with legislators of the ruling party and the opposition to put the issue of activity and present a document with concrete proposals. Among business organizations, will be the Foundation protect, the Association of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (APYME), industrial SMEs Argentinos (IPA), the camera Argentina of SMEs supplying the industry of Telecommunication (CAPPITEL), the Confederation entrepreneur of the Argentina Republic (CGER), and Central entities of national entrepreneurs (CEEN), as well as more than 100 local Chambers who adhere.

In our country, SMEs absorb as many workers, more than 70% of employment. In a recessive context including falling sales, rates increase and inability to finance its goal seems limited to survive. From IPA ahead of that “prejudices that generate accounts embargoes by arrears in tax payments, the application of high bank interest rates that make impossible the financing and the increase in taxes” will be part of the document. 
“There is a very large concern throughout the productive sector by the lack of a plan to develop the national economy” said IPA President.

We want to talk with Rodolfo Liberman, Vice President of Apyme, about the difficulties facing small and medium-sized enterprises at present. The main complaint has to do with the destruction of the internal market and the need to revive demand.  In this sense, they are reclaiming public policies in a context where industrialists have more than 50% of excess capacity. In other words, the industry in our country operates a media machine. Liberman says that the situation deteriorated strongly in recent months, where the rise in unemployment shrinks again the purchasing power of the people and thereby the demand facing the SMEs. 
A vicious circle that destroys the internal market, with interest rates of 70% that preclude the credit and forcing many businesses to close against a panorama gloomy that accelerates the destructive process. Liberman said the document presented to deputies and senators will end it close on the same day, to include the needs of all business chambers. Urgent points have to do with requiring a broad moratorium that regularized the tax situation of small and medium-sized enterprises. The claim by the high interest rates will also be present since “they make impossible any kind of national production process”.

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