translated from Spanish: Will tomorrow initiative on jurisdiction: Ricardo Monreal

city of Mexico.-the initiative for constitutional reform of the Morena Coordinator in the Senate to eliminate the immunity to the President was presented to the Board of the Camara.el Senate still awaits the project that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he would send to remove any protection in criminal matters to the Chief of the Ejecutivo.segun the legislative process, so that the of the Tabasco would be included in the agenda of tomorrow, had to arrive before 18:00 clock, but according to confirmed sources, this did not happen. According to the President of the Board of Directors, Marti Batres, are expected to come and discussed this week. The initiative of the Coordinator of Morena, Ricardo Monreal, proposes reforming articles 108 and 111 of the Magna Carta, but unlike that reform that you failed in Congress, this relates only to the President of the Republic.

For article 108, proposed that the President of the Republic can not only be accused of treason, as currently stipulated, but also by acts of corruption, electoral crimes and offences considered to be serious, such as crime organized, intentional homicide, rape, kidnapping and trafficking in persons. In the proposal that reform had access, article 111 indicates that the President may only be accused to the Chamber of Senators under the terms of article 110, which declares that the sanctions will apply once the lower House proceeding the “procedure and to give hearing to the accused.” Knowing the accusation Chamber of senators, erected in jury verdict, apply the appropriate sentence by resolution of two-thirds of the members present in session, once practiced the corresponding proceedings and hearing of the accused.
“The declarations and resolutions of the Chambers of Deputies and senators are unassailable,” ordered item.

In an interview, Ricardo Monreal explained that both the proposal of the President, and he are viable and one won’t clog the other.” You can also send the Executive and Senate accumulates two initiatives where it arose, but we trying to generate congruence of political discourse with the real fact anyway tomorrow will present an initiative of removal of immunity to the President of the Republic as discussed and will begin a formal legislative process tomorrow,”ahead of this medium. Monreal Avila called the Senators of the opposition to join the initiative and support it, as he recalled that as a constitutional reform, require the approval of two-thirds of the members present in this the Camara.con information of Reform.

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