translated from Spanish: Former Secretary in CDMX gave 58 seats to family

the Government of Claudia Sheinbaum in the city of Mexico detected the case of 58 labour seats created in the latter half of this year, and occupied by linked family who was Undersecretary of Capital Human in the previous administration, Antonio Paz Garcia, and who preceded him in office.
According to the newspaper Reforma, also appear in the network people linked with Miguel Angel Vazquez, Deputy Director of Human Capital before peace Garcia, and Miguel Angel Mancera advisers sad.
The above spaces, which will be given low, had assigned salaries of more than 24 thousand pesos a month.
In the company of the Ministry of finance, Luz Elena González Escobar, and the current Undersecretary of Human Capital of dependence, Jorge Luis Ramos Basaldua, Sheinbaum said that the rights of workers are respected in the city, but will end with the called “fliers”, i.e. people who are paid a salary without going to work.
Basaldúa Ramos explained that after a study that was conducted on the roster of the Mexico City Government, was detected that the 58 newly created seats were assigned, among others, the spouse, sister and other relatives near Antonio Paz Garcia.
“Created a special tab, it is not known what jobs were,” said the President of capital.
Despite this, Sheinbaum Pardo said that the City Government will not pursue nor shall acknowledge to the former officials, “we will not seek scapegoats, now what we want is to put an end to corruption”.
The head of Government said that all work places of the City Government, will be reviewed more than 180 thousand, including the so-called “job security”, i.e., any workers.
On 1 July, to protest as President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that not it would pursue corruption by officials of the past.
“To punish those responsible, but that the President refrain from requesting investigations against those who have held public positions or have dedicated to doing business on the basis of power during the liberal period”, said Lopez Obrador.
Before this appeal to make “borron y cuenta nueva”, opponents charged that Lopez Obrador had made a pact with impunity.
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