Santi Maratea’s anger with Charo López and Martín Garabal

While Santi Maratea continues with Madeleine’s cause waiting for a prompt solution so that the girl can access the medicine she needs to continue living. The influencer decided to exorcise something that he had saved for a while and that he had not manifested. From his Instagram account, Maratea said that he was not on a “good day” and therefore decided to take out things that bothered him long ago. That’s when he mentioned a podcast carried out by Charo López, Martin Garabal, Adrián Lakerman and Alexis Moyano called “Un Mundo Maravilloso”, where in one of its episodes they make a parody about the actions carried out by Santi and ironize about it.
And while the episode aired in October last year, just today, Maratea took the time to voice his opinion on the matter. In his stories, Santi began talking about the subject and said: “I know I’m not thinking intelligently, but I’m half dominated by emotion and apart from that it is the emotion of frustration and fatigue, which are two quite complicated emotions,” he started by cutting himself.
And he pointed out: “I remembered today a podcast by Martín Garabal and Charo López in which they sweep what I do, and at the time it was like ‘I’m not going to react, but I knew that one day I was going to wake up in a bad mood and I was going to send them to his sister’s shell,'” he said without filter.
“I think that day is today, because there is so much surrender that one puts into it, apart from body and head and time. All the emotional that one puts into play when trying to do these things, and expose yourself when doing them, so that two “comedians” balls come to sweep it as if this were a play of their depressive friends of the under. When it is not, there is much more here that is played, as if to come and criticize.” He expressed hurt.

Then he continued with his daily routine and returned to the networks to clarify that he has nothing personal against comedians, only that that step of comedy bothered him at the time and today, that he was not going through a good day was ideal to get those things that bothered him.
“I am like that when something bothers me, sooner or later, at some point I have to take it out. And when I’m in the ortho is when it best makes me get those things off my back,” he argued.

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