translated from Spanish: The corpse of a man was located in La Palma from Cuitzeo, Michoacan

home safety the corpse of a man was located in La Palma from Cuitzeo, Michoacan Cuitzeo, Michoacan.-a man shot and killed bal years was pulled over a gap of dirt road located in the town of Cuitzeo, which reported a neighbor to the local police authorities during this Sunday morning.
The identity of the person who died is unknown, he was about 35 years old, was sturdily, short stature and dark-skinned; He also wore a blue shirt and blue jeans, it transpired in the news coverage.
The body lay on the trail called “The alley”, behind the “Birria Don Tavo” business, which is located in the community of La Palma, a few meters from the free Highway Morelia-Salamanca.
Patrol of the Municipal police attended the emergency call and arrived at the site, which cordoned off after a some paramedics confirmed the death of the unfortunate, the intervention of the Attorney General of Justice (PGJ) was subsequently requested.
Then it was presented to the specialized unit at the scene of the crime (UEEC), which began the respective inquiries and moved the corpse to the morgue. The investigations of the case agents of the Special Prosecutor continued killings.

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