translated from Spanish: The small Vanessa Tanairi died after receiving a beating

Mexicali, Baja California-while receiving medical attention after getting a beating, a four-year-old girl died early Sunday morning. According to the Chronicle was around 04:36 hours when Vanessa Tanairi small was moved in the patrol that his father used to work at a private hospital in the colonia González Ortega.Presentaba severe bleeding from the nose and multiple bruises, In addition to possible jaw fracture. Later, experts ruled out to submit such fracture. Doctors tried for 20 minutes to revive Vanessa Tanairi, but did not.

A woman, apparently the girl’s stepmother, was arrested as the alleged responsible for homicide; but it will be after gathering more evidence to be determined if it will qualify or not as such and be confirmed the arrest. The small is the daughter of an agent of the Municipal police, who, after requesting an ambulance, decided to move the girl on the patrol that used to work accompanied by another officer. Just few days ago, a 10-year-old boy was killed to stab in the city. The suspect, 18-year-old, was arrested.

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