translated from Spanish: Farina returned to testify against Lázaro Báez

Leonardo Fariña said today as repented before the Tribunal Oral Federal 4, where transacts the trial known as the “route of the K money”.  At the beginning of his statement, he explained how it was that it related to the businessman Lázaro Báez and how designed Assembly of a trust when he was 23 or 24 years.” “Until that time did not have any reference of what was Austral Construcciones, for me did not represent any kind of known company”, began Farina at the podium of the AMIA the courts of Comodoro Py.Dijo room that later became a “person of” “trust” for the employer and that its task was the Assembly of a National Bank to Austral Construcciones trust. ” Much of the income of the company extracted the commercial spin works were awarded, had to justify the output of white money to the black circuit and therefore costs which were liars were generated”, according to Farina, who said that” made a ” meltdown”. Baez’s relationship with the deceased former President, repentant Farina recalled when the employer tried to buy part of the Telefónica Telecom. “Baez called by phone to Mr Kirchner, which shows you that we had arrived late and the business was closed,” he said. And he pointed out that, following the death of Néstor Kirchner, began by order of Baez the process of expatriacon of funds in which it took intervention. In this note: Leonardo Farina Lázaro Báez route money K

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