translated from Spanish: NTV channel 13 sanctions because program “The body not lies” violated human rights

By violating the dignity displayed by the program “The body not lies” of Channel 13, in the sense that they transgressed their intimacy, honour, private life, presumption of innocence and the right to own image Gen, station television was sanctioned by the National Council of Television (CNTV), following a complaint filed by the National Institute of human rights (NHRIS).
The issue in question dates from July 2, and it was titled “PDI deciphering the truth”. According to the NHDR – to be observed in the light of human rights-, “it is possible to observe a series of illegal or abusive actions in relation to different people”.
In accordance with the issues raised by the NHDRS, CNTV considered that “the cameras of the concessionaire is inmiscuyeron abusively in the private lives of people who were being subjected to control by the police, portraying moments that refer to their privacy and personal life, which were then used by Channel 13 for mounting a television program that seeks to entertain the audience, with the consequent panic and possible involvement of its image”.
The penalty added that “in this way, the breach fundamental rights – in this case to life private would be, necessarily, in an affectation to the dignity of those who see affected these rights”.
CNTV considered also that “the program, on several occasions, violates guarantees of persons subjected to the records, in some cases affecting her image, and even the presumption of innocence, to qualify as illegal situations that are not of characteristics of crimes”.
“Thus, overexposure and spectacularization of the cases of those affected, evidenciarían negligence that forget completely the needs of shelter with regard to sensitive information, in order to entertain the audience, beyond this the legitimate exercise of freedom of expression and information”, add the CNTV.
Denunciation of the NHDR, the complaint filed by the Institute reported that “in no way has obtained the authorization of any of the people that were displayed in the program in order to be exposed in the open TV, violating as well their right to the” protection of private life”.
NHDR highlighted the cases exposed in the program. For example, the of a Chilean with existing arrest warrants; the case of an Italian and a Colombian who were subjects of the review of their luggage before the camera, violating their right to the protection of private life; that of a Russian with respect to who displayed their judicial records; and of a Venezuelan who while are logged belongings, he is shown in a great sadness.
For these situations the NHDR asked CNTV to represent to channel 13 that these emissions violated national legislation to International Convention on respect for human dignity and privacy; reminding you that as media have the duty to respect the rights of all persons, including persons subject to immigration controls at airports or border crossings; and that situations such as those described do not become repeat across their screens.

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