translated from Spanish: Donald Trump greets the ‘achievement’ of Pelosi and insists on the need for the wall

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, on Thursday congratulated the Democrat Nancy Pelosi on his election as new President of the House of representatives, and insisted on the need to build a wall on the border with Mexico.
In a surprising and short appearance before the press, the first of the year, Trump held the “achievement” by Pelosi, who, at age 78, again assumed the leadership of the House of representatives, a position he already held from 2007 to 2011.
The appearance before the press, in which no answered questions, took place hours after that installed the new legislature of Congress with democratic control of the House of representatives and a Republican majority in the Senate.
“We need to protect the border,” said Trump, who was accompanied by the President of the Union of border patrol, Brandon Judd, and other officials of that agency.
In the midst of a Government shutdown which fulfilled this Thursday 13 days and threatens to escalate while not approaching the positions of the Congress and the Executive on the funding for the border barrier, Trump said that they need to stop the drug reach United States across borders.
He also stressed that never before he had received so much support as in the last week backtracked on border security.
To intervene at the request of the President, Judd said that where they have built walls “have worked” and considered them an “absolute necessity” for border agents.
Just before being brought before reporters, Trump went to his Twitter account a little more than 20 second video with images of the border, especially the marches of hundreds of people who tried to cross to the United States, and phrases like “Crisis in the” frontier”,”crime”, and”illegality”, which topped with”build the wall”in other messages on Twitter, Trump had blamed Democrats for the current partial closure of the Administration and ensure that it is an electoral strategy of the rival party.
“The closure of the Administration due solely to 2020 presidential elections. The Democrats know they can not win on the basis of all the accomplishments of Trump. (…) For them, it is strictly a political game,”he said.
The cessation of activities of the Administration, which began last December 22, affects about 800,000 of the 2.1 million federal workers, who do not charge as long as this situation and are at the expense of the adoption of a budget.

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