translated from Spanish: It is false that AMLO announced the Elimination of charging in booths

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not announce ceasefire in the collection of huts throughout the country from February 2019. The news is false.
This was released by the website image Sinaloa January 18, 2019. Since then, the publication has been shared 98 thousand times.
According to the publication, the President announced at the morning Conference on January 18, that later in February, the booths would be definitively closed in compliance with the right to free transit laid down in the Constitution. In addition, was shared a picture of the President at the press conference in which supposedly dealed.
The constitutional article referred to it in the false news is article 11, which provides that: “every person has the right to enter the Republic, out of it, travel through its territory and move home without security card, passport, safe-conduct or other similar requirements”.
However, the photo displayed in the publication is not the designated Conference, but the Conference of January 4, 2018.
The President has never talked about eliminating charging in booths at any Conference.
The only promise that the President has made publicly in his speeches to meet before the end of February is the delivery of cards to seniors in the State of Mexico. This announcement was made 13 of 2019, in the presentation of the Pension for the well-being of the people of older adult.
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