translated from Spanish: SEE and SEP continue works to solve problems of magisterial payroll

city of Mexico.-in follow-up to the work of the technical table that analyzes the magisterial payroll of Michoacán, educational authorities of the State and the Federation, headed by the Secretary of education (SEE), Alberto Frutis Solís and the owner of the unit of administration and Finance of the Ministry of public education (SEP), Hector Martin Garza González, held a working meeting aimed to build alternatives of solution to the financial needs of the sector.
During the installation of these workshops, officials reviewed to detail the analytical capacity, to charge the federal payroll to the system Integral management of staff (SIGP), the Sep. This system aims to enhance the execution of processes for the generation of the payroll.
Also, in order to contribute to the consolidation of State finances, and establish a priority route of final solution to the deficit of the payroll for State workers, it was agreed that, immediately, begin the processes for loading the SIGP of the analytical State capacity, to make a diagnosis, detailed on the situation of the same and, eventually, migrate the sistema-Estado information to the federal platform and to be the case, debug inconsistencies.

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