translated from Spanish: Case Catrillanca: report of the PDI discards thesis of formalised and ensures that bullet that killed a villager had no change of path

According to the homicide Brigade of Temuco, projectile that months ago back ended the life of Camilo Catrillanca, did not experience a change of direction, although he brushed in a rubber attached to the tractor where the villager died.
This information comes to light in the context of the hearing of formailizacion against four former officials of police station in La Araucanía, where be held legal arguments about the case.
According to La Tercera slogan, according to the brief, which was already delivered to the speakers, “proceeded to make a track for this impact, which was an astronomical laser, which was placed at a distance of 15 meters, in a” “tripod at a height of 1.50 metres (height estimate for tactical shooting), whereas a person with a height of 1.70 m, similar to the of Mr. Camilo Catrillanca, sitting on the tractor and drive crouch”.
In that sense, the PDI argues that efforts are underway to count with the rifle used by exsargento Carlos Alarcón, who was indicted for the killing of Catrillanca. This, with the aim to trigger tests to measure the speed of the projectile in flight free “and hit one mooring of rubber, in order to establish the speed and consequent decrease in power dissipation”.
This test would be necessary, as the police report specifies that this expertise “could explain the behavior of the projectile to hit the head of Camilo Catrillanca, added that the projectile ballistic impact a rubber, although would have not changed” notoriously trajectory considering the distance that exists between the Moors and the head, it is possible to have changed the same stability, which would have caused the projectile has impacted the scalp with the displaced from its gyro axis tip” .
Note that zip tie that refers to the POI is a rubber attached at the rear of the tractor that was Catrillanca, which was placed in a craft way. Then, the bullet just grazed the only rubber would have lost speed, but not the axis in which was travelling. According to the public prosecutor’s Office, this reinforces his thesis about the case: that there was a direct hit to the victim and that the bullet not deviated in its path.
This thesis, however, is not shared by the formalized in the case of lawyers, who insist that the trajectory of the bullet was if diverted.

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