“Crazy Brownies”: The employee who intoxicated his colleagues was arrested

On Monday, a call center employee brought “crazy brownies” to work and intoxicated several of his colleagues who had to be hospitalized. On Wednesday, the accused was arrested in Cordoba capital after being ordered to search his home where marijuana and cannabis remains were found in kitchen items. In this operation, carried out by members of the Anti-Narcotics Police Force (FPA), they arrested a 25-year-old man. In addition, 105 grams of marijuana and traces of cannabis were seized in some utensils, among other elements allegedly related to the fractionation of the drug.

At the time of the entry of the force troops at the home located on Javier Pons Street in the General Mosconi neighborhood, in the northeast of that city, the subject tried to get rid of the drugs, throwing them through the toilet. It all began from an investigation initiated after that, for reasons that are trying to establish, the now accused took brownies to the call center where he works and several of his colleagues should be medically assisted after consuming them. Ten of them had to be hospitalized for intoxication.

Source: La Voz

While the now-defendant said they were only in “bad shape” everything indicates that the food contained high levels of marijuana. According to the company’s own union delegate, the toxicological analyses carried out on the employees affected by the consumption of this food reflected that all of them had cannabis in their blood. The incident occurred in one of the headquarters of the company Konecta Argentina, in Galería San Martín, Córdoba Capital, where an employee of more than ten years in the company decided to continue with the custom of the workers of the place to bring something to eat to share. The man took that kind of pudding at 10 and distributed it among the team of about 13 or 14 employees. According to other workers, after 20 minutes about six people began to decompose, to suffocate, to feel very bad. One of the employees of the place told the press that “some laughed, others cried and there were two who were ‘hard'”. Upon verifying the intoxication of the workers, the company requested medical assistance at the scene and it was decided to dismiss the person responsible for wearing the brownies.

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