translated from Spanish: Pope seeks to inspire to priests and nuns in Panama

city of PANAMA (AP) – the Pope Francisco has sought to inspire young people, prisoners, politicians and the Panamanian bishops. On Saturday it will focus on priests and nuns during their visit to Centroamerica.francisco will serve as a mass in the Cathedral of Santa María La Antigua, in the area known as old Panama, with the religious of the country. Then he will chair the last vigil prior to the closing of the world JuventudEl day mass Friday, Francisco led world youth day to juvenile offenders, with a moving liturgy of penance within the main juvenile Hall in the country, given that the inmates could not participate in the great festival of Catholic faith abroad. True to his belief that no one should be deprived of God’s mercy, Francisco also heard the confessions of five inmates of the detention centre in Las Garzas de Pacora. One of them wept inconsolably after his confession.” There are no words to describe the freedom that I feel at the moment”, said one of the inmates, Luis Óscar Martínez, the Supreme Pontiff at the beginning of the religious service within the prison facilities located in the outskirts of Panama City.

Pope Francis in his visit to Panama. Photo: AP was an emotional moment in the round of four-day by Panama Francisco, and a tangible sign of their belief that prisoners deserve equally worthy as any other person, as well as hope. “In his homily, Francisco lamented that society tends to label people as good and bad, righteous and sinners, when you should use the time to create opportunities for change.” This attitude contaminates everything because it raises an invisible wall that makes think that marginalize, separating or isolating all the problems will be solved magically”, said FranciscoFrancisco has become a tradition visiting prisoners during his visits to the overseas, and has included prisons in part of their vocation of service to the most marginalized of society. Just Francisco last year changed the teachings of the Church on the death penalty, and said that it was inadmissible in all cases. The change is consistent with his belief that prisoners can always change and deserve the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves.
As a sign of the need for inclusion, the inmates at Las Garzas wore the same shirts as the tens of thousands of pilgrims who are in Panama City.

Herons is home to more than 150 inmates, some of whom comply convictions for manslaughter. The penitentiary facility, considered a model, was inaugurated last year when five children died in a fire at another prison in the Panamanian capital in 2011.Al to begin the service, Martinez told Francisco about his remorse for having distanced from part of his family then committed an unspecified offence.
“I caused a very deep damage to a loved one and me”, said Martinez, of 21 years, to the Pope. He added that he wanted to be technical in cooling when you leave.

“I hope to give this joy to my mother,” he added.

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