translated from Spanish: They claim that the plane was traveling where room can be “200 meters under the water”

the Daily Mirror newspaper, reported that the aircraft Piper Malibu carrying Emiliano Sala footballer, may be in one of the most dangerous areas of the channel. This is Hurd completo Deep, a deep valley that reaches a depth of 200 meters. The data are known hours after Guernsey police announced letting seek actively to the plane and its two occupants. According to the newspaper, the airplane could be “200 metres under water”. Also indicated that the pilot who flew the device from the French city of Nantes to Wales, Dave Ibbotson, did not have a commercial license and accumulated debts for 23,000 dollars.

Hurd completo Deep is a dangerous area, located about 40 kilometers from the island of Guernsey. There were discarded munitions of war, and it is the place where sank a British submarine, HMS Affray, along with tons of radioactive waste.

The Piper Malibu lost contact on Monday night the British press also revealed doubts about the ability of the pilot who moved to room. The Sun published that Ibbotson, of 59 years, had only a private pilot’s licence and who worked as a plumber and DJ in a nightclub to finance his passion for airplanes. The pilot was promoting your business linked to the plumbing and had worked as a pilot by registering hours a little demanding journeys to transport paratroopers. A friend of Ibbotson told the daily that “Dave was best plumber pilot. Actually never consider it really a pilot, he was only the man who controlled the aircraft when climbed the paratroopers”. The Piper Malibu recorded its last contact on Monday night near the Casquets lighthouse, about 12 kilometers from Alderney, one of the islands of the channel of the police Mancha.La of Guernsey suspended yesterday definitively the search room and the pilot after his disappearance in the channel, and acknowledged that his appearance with life is “remote”. In this note:

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