translated from Spanish: Adamari López has the reason of her marriage to Toni Costa

dear actress and host of television Adamari López, confessed in the program “A new day” Finally this year will come to the altar with her partner Toni Costa and explained the reason why decided n do it so far.
“I don’t know when I marry, but know that it will be this year,” shared very smiling Adamari López followed by the applause of the public. Adamari López clarified that he never had the need to marry because she felt that already were in some way.
Toni and I took seven years together, we have a daughter, I say to the spouse, my husband, I thought it didn’t have that role to feel that we’ll be life together.

After the health problem that he suffered a few weeks ago, Adamari López understood that it was necessary to take this step.
After the situation of disease for which I spent, I understand that we must strengthen our union more, papa Dios brings tests in life that must be overcome, and that he was there by my side, next to my family to get ahead.

“So, why not give this important step for me and for him?”, he pointed out the beautiful Adamari Lopez.toni coast and Adamari López has no definite date or place where the wedding will be, however, they have the security that should do it for the sake of his family.

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