translated from Spanish: Dejan van with explosives in Salamanca refinery

Guanajuato-mounted by around 200 elements of the Navy, the army and Federal police access to 4 refinery Antonio M. Amor de Salamanca, to review and remove the camionet operating a with an explosive device, concluded this afternoon. However, a pair of marine helicopters fly over the area to threats allegedly launched by a criminal organization by a blanket President Andrés Manuel López Obrador by the fight against the theft of fuel.
It was found inside a truck if an explosive that was defused, according to a military source.

Sophia Huett López, Commissioner’s analysis of the Government’s State security, said State forces to collaborate with the Federation with monitoring in the vicinity of the refinery.

Refinery. Illustrative image. Photo: Pixabay the State Government provides support in the perimeter of the premises surveillance and maintains coordination with federal authorities, he said.
The State official confirmed the existence of a pickup truck with an explosive device inside.

Consulted by reform, also corroborated the existence of messages addressed to the federal Government by the fight antihuachicol. Because of the operation mounted this morning, several pre-school, primary and secondary schools, settled in the vicinity to the Salamanca refinery, such as those located in the Colonia Bellavista, suspended classes. Enrique Cú Gutiérrez, director of Civil protection in Salamanca, noted that the decision to suspend work was of parents to safeguard the physical integrity of their children.

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