translated from Spanish: They are lifeless Hugo Figueroa, nephew of Joan Sebastian, in Michoacán

photo / Internet Mexico-Hugo Figueroa, nephew of Joan Sebastian, who was abducted last Sunday, was found lifeless at 03:33 hours on Thursday on a road in Michoacan.
According to first reports, Hugo Figueroa’s body was recognized by their relatives, however, Attorney General of Justice (PGJ) of Michoacán has not confirmed the death, since even non completion of the identification process in the Semefo.
Figueroa, originating in Juliantla, Guerrero, livestock businessman was abducted on Sunday by a group of Group of armed men during a Rodeo at the Plaza de toros «La Aurora», located in Tarímbaro, Michoacán.
Witnesses reported that they entered the place at least seven armed men, leaving a wounded and one dead, identified as Alfonso, approximately 40 years, escort of the nephew of Joan Sebastian.
Since his whereabouts was unknown so the Attorney General of Justice (PGJ) Office started an investigation, however, four days of his disappearance, his sister told Gabriel Cuevas, reporter of Radio Formula that the businessman was found without life.
The nephew of Joan Sebastian will be veiled today in his native Juliantla, Guerrero.
Notably, Hugo Figueroa was a friend of the businessman Juan Manuel García Bejarano, organizer of the fair of Cuernavaca, who was gunned down in 2017 when participating in a ride in this celebration.
Source: Radio Formula

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