translated from Spanish: «Stole us quiet»: victims of insecurity in the underground

city of Mexico.-two young women recount their ordeals as they were heading to their homes when they were victims of insecurity in the immediate vicinity of the system of Transport Group (STC) Metro.Aunque retained their belongings, they agree that lost something more important: «Stole us quiet». Zue and Estela, two victims of gender violence in the vicinity of the collective transportation (STC) subway system, recounted their experiences as a phenomenon recently highlighted in social networks white. Zue resisted what initially seemed a backpack and cell outside the Metro Coyoacán, theft from January 15, but whose ultimate objective was to force a deal with a car. The perpetrator and his two accomplices left the scene after a woman received help.
(I had) fear of reporting, the fear of knowing that is not going to pass anything, that although I knew that if he not they would find those responsible for, (…) still trusted the complaint Relato.para wake the intransigence of the procurement of security authorities and justice was immediately after being attacked outside the Metro Chilpancingo, to protect in a food establishment on November 30.» I had like two seconds to run, to ask for help, until I got a more or less lit area where he was a couple of stalls and curiously two elements of the police, and despite my panic urged me not to report «recalled the young man. In your case, the offender had injured it in threatened and bottom lip with an object in the neck.

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