translated from Spanish: Venezuelan high-ranking General refuses to mature and recognizes guided

Major general Francisco Yánez Rodríguez, director of strategic planning of the Venezuelan air force said Saturday in a video that rejects President Nicolas Maduro and recognizes the leader of the opposition Juan Guaidó as p (02.02.2019) acting resident of the country.
In the video, Yánez Rodríguez, said that unknown “and void and dictatorial authority of Nicolas Maduro” and instead recognizes a guided “as President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”.
“90 percent of the Bolivarian national armed forces is not with the dictator, is with the people of Venezuela,” he said.
Also, he said that “by the events of the last hours, the transition to democracy is imminent” and asked Maduro to “to go” to assert that according to information handling “the dictator has daily two aircraft ready”.

“Do not give back to the people of Venezuela” also called on his “comrades in arms” to “not give back to the people of Venezuela” and that “do not suppress more”, while invited to “all the people of Venezuela so that you leave peacefully to the streets and defend our President” give you Juan Guaidó.”
In his Twitter account, the high command of the air force accused the general of treason. “Could not be expected less Francisco Esteban Yanez Rodriguez traitor”, he wrote.
This Saturday will also they take to the streets chavism supporters to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the takeover of the late President and leader of the so-called Bolivarian revolution, Hugo Chávez.
There is no planned demonstrations to coincide, as the opposition has summoned to a concentration in the East and the ruling party in downtown Caracas.
The past 21 January about 30 soldiers of a command of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) revolted, in a Caracas slum, against the Government of Nicolas Maduro.
The incident took place when the Parliament, controlling the antichavismo, passed a decree of law that promises amnesty for all military and civilian officials who do not recognize Maduro and help restore democratic thread, that they say is broken. This has been the resource used by guided to call the armed forces to support you Yanez is the first Venezuelan general active in guided to recognize since it was proclaimed President on January 23.

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