translated from Spanish: Graciela Alfano, victim of abuse: “you live ashamed, you feel that come failed”

abuses and violations are more common than society believed and Graciela Alfano is another unfortunate victim of these heinous acts. Invited to the table of Mirtha Legrand, the vedette was encouraged to relate the traumatic experience that lived during his childhood.” “I would have preferred not to say it, because I didn’t tell him for many years: I not can in no way defending or an alleged rapist to a rapist because I myself was a victim of abuse between 4 and 7 years”, launched the actress.
Surprised, the host of the program asked who had been the culprit: “Was a neighbor who lived close to my house, that even my mom gave him confidence, I went to the school, kindergarten”. “Did your parents not you believe?”, questioned Mirtha, paving the way for another painful aspect of the story: “this issue was part of the so difficult relationship that I had with my mother’s life. At the end she came to die to my house and then I made a great effort to forgive her, because he could not. In the end she told me: ‘ sorry for my blindness, excuse me ‘ “.” The artist said that this experience “marked it much” and is an issue that “reiterates in therapy for 40 years”: “Although the way in which you get that adult is not something cute or common, one believes that it must be so, that you can do it because it is not that you put knife or nothing, you will joining this contact that may not like. I have tremendous memories of breath, do not want to tell, but things that were really very serious,”he added.” When I went to College, I played other girls in the way that I had touched me. Then they called my mom and I was ‘a filthy girl’; Today the psychologists know that somewhere you are showing them that can’t think of them,”continued Alfano.

“After many years of therapy, I understood that what the victim needs is an act of Justice, that justice condemns it, friends, not justice, that go prisoner, that society gives me the reason that this was a great harm which made me.” I didn’t, I could not have it,”he lamented tearfully. Also referred to the emotional fallout caused by these facts: “so serious is the damage that did me from the sexual, affective, emotional, my relationship towards men. Live embarrassed, there is a shame that you cross, the victim feels guilty, he feels that there is something to hide; others have certain crowns to others, that one is failed”. If you think that a child or adolescent may have been victim of sexual abuse, call 0800-222-1717. It is a toll-free any day, at any time, from anywhere in the country. You can call if you’re not family.

Original source in Spanish

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