translated from Spanish: Nurse walks 5 hours every day to care for patients

Argentina.-the distance is no impediment to Teofoli Cari help to people who need it, walks five hours daily to fulfill his vocation.

For Teofoli there is no distance that stands in its work. Daily, adult walking 3200 meters above the sea level to be able to arrive with their patients. Every morning 64 years adult leaves home to begin his walk between hills, in the area it is impossible to travel by car. (E) it is even difficult to go horseback riding. For 32 years, Teofoli has the same routine of life out of love for his vocation. The next adult at age of 65 expected to retire but regrets the situation that peoples live. It says that every time people look more desolate, since many people had to migrate to another place to look for a better chance of life.
 “Every time we are less,” he said in dialogue with Radio Salta.

Teofoli Cari told during the interview that he has six children, which had to emigrate to other people with the intention of seeking a better future.

“Between Chapel and countertops were about 65 people, mostly old people. Before there were many more. All those who come out of school and not return. The people are still with their crops, cattle and fabrics. “They sow beans, potatoes, make cheese and then take him to Payogasta in Exchange for merchandise”, he added. Teofoli tells that this is life in Chapel and kitchen counters, so young people looking for a better chance of life.

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