translated from Spanish: Consuelo Duval and the decision that one day took pride

the actress and host Mexican Consuelo Duval remembers that one day, your pride, you made a decision that made him take a different direction in his professional life.
After several rumors about the reason for the departure of Consuelo Duval of Televisa, the anchorwoman revived with nostalgia the terrible moment that lived and the reason why the company left. In the program «With permission», Pepillo Origel asked Consuelo Duval and said that it was by throwing a tantrum, as learned in Televisa preference Adrián Uribe that it.
By berrinchuda, cabrona, crazy, pride didn’t justice; I got divorced man whereby I got married by the Church, then announced me that my dad has cancer and that my dad is deadly. «To finish it-ch * my sister Lulu becomes ill of cancer», said Consuelo.

Consuelo confessed that seeing so close to death, she revived in a different way and wanted to deal with the situation with the best attitude, however, to be vulnerable, and find out what Adrian, decided to say goodbye to the station of San Angel.
More Lady couldn’t cag * the life, left me with nothing (…) «Burned me the face count this, it makes me sad… but this is the life», ended. 

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