translated from Spanish: Senate will not endorse opinion of Guard members

approved the minutes of reform of national guard that the Chamber of Deputies approved last January will be inconsistent in its terms by the Senate of the Republic. The above after opposition forces (indispensable to achieve the supermajority required a constitutional reform) expressed its rejection of the same altogether.
In response Morena announced today disseminated to legislators a project with various modifications, while organizations not NGOs grouped under the collective #SeguridadSinGuerra also presented an alternate reform proposal .
The United committees of constitutional issues and second legislative studies, which today met extraordinary form in the upper House, also agreed that prompted the Board of coordination policy of the Senate to convene, under the figure of Parliament Open to new public hearings in the next few days so experts present their analyses and proposals.
“Quickly does not mean lack of seriousness”, said the Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu to fix the position of the parliamentary group of the PRI. He recognized that while it is urgent to address the problem of violence, you can not endorse a Bill as the sent by members which is ambiguous in terms of civil or military command of the guard.
The Senator also warned that it is necessary that will strengthen legislative control over the new force and approved reform does not contravene “conventionality” issues regarding the participation of the army in public security should be subsidiary and extraordinary, but not a common practice.
It agreed, on behalf of their parliamentary groups, senators Miguel Angel Mancera, of the PRD, and Samuel García, citizen movement, who stressed that the judgments of the Inter-American Court of human rights are clear as to not normalize the participation of military security. They also emphasized, as well as the PRI, which is important to know the initiatives of secondary laws such as the organic law of the guard, or the use of force.
And on behalf of the bread, the Senator Damián Zepeda said that they, like the NGOs, are against any form of militarisation of security and even that wish to involve the army in the formation and training of the guard, because this should be a corporac ion of eminently civilian police.
Alfredo Lecoña Ixchel Cisneros of the collective #SeguridadSinGuerra warned that the risk of the militarization is still present, as the UN itself has highlighted it will analyze the reports and stressed the importance that it be convened also to victims to the discussion.
In this context, below some of the main points of the National Guard proposals put forward by the collective #SeguridadSinGuerra both brunette.
new proposal of Morena: command and civil jurisdiction, military training
Senator Morena, Oscar Eduardo Ramirez Aguilar, Chairman of the Committee on constitutional issues, said some of the changes of its new proposal to today will be sent to legislators. Several of these change Animal politician had been presented by in this note.
Among the new Senator highlights will be cancelled several of the amendments proposed by members of the constitutional article 21, and the wording is simplified to make it clear that the National Guard strategic and operational command will be eminently Civil and not military.
The proposal to amend article 13 constitutional setting a military jurisdiction in crimes or mistakes they commit National Guard will be canceled at the same time. I.e., the new proposal will be that the faults and crimes committed by elements of the new force only can be known by civilian courts.
The Senator also added that will be returned to the opinion a transitory article removed by members, in which the cooperation of the armed forces in security only on a temporary basis, as soon as you settle in its entirety to the National Guard is regulated.
The legislator said that this and other changes that will present its initiative will be transparentados for the analysis of the other forces in Congress and specialists, and can be enriched.
#SeguridadSinGuerra proposal: National Guard military
without the collective #SeguridadSinGuerra presented a proposal backed by some lawmakers of opposition including Emilio Álvarez Icaza, who also reformed the Constitution to create the National Guard. However, it eliminates any military component of it both in its operation and in its conformation.
Among the changes proposed in this proposal is, for example, modify the constitutional article 21 to set the National Guard as a “police institution of civilian direction and character” attached to the Secretariat of public safety, which Act with respect for human rights and gender perspective.
Unlike the minutes of the members, the Group proposes elimination of the interference of the national defense in the recruitment and training of the elements.
The proposal also provides for elimination of any reference to military jurisdiction in the guard and elements of military police and Naval police joining her will be discharged of those military corporations.
Here the complete document with the complete reform of the collective #SeguridadSinGuerra proposal: “the political discussion has been marked by the simulation and distortion between what is in the Bill and the public discourse.” Morena proposal again and again plays with words because they tell us that it is civil, when in reality she is military, and say us that it will be temporary, when in reality it’ll be permanent (…) and when civil society has called us accused of having no alternative proposals. Therefore, today we present this opinion”said in an interview, Denise Dresser, Member of the.
and the national security system?
Ernesto López Portillo, researcher and coordinator of the program of safety citizen from the Iberoamericana University, noted that in the discussion of National Guard must be present the analysis of the future of the national system of public security which has served 25 years already without accomplishing its mission.
“If the guard thrives in any form should ask ourselves what will happen with the public safety system. There has to be a renewal because they can not throw away and therefore has to have a municipal and State police modernization project. Discussion of the guard can not leave out this issue”he said.
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