translated from Spanish: Sofía Zámolo: “Luli Salazar nothing didn’t it”

Sofía Zámolo confessed in “Incorrectas” the reason why didn’t long Luciana Salazar. “You always had a fight with Salazar for chongos. I ask you now that you’re not Camila, the sister in the program. “As if it were the sister you the recontra wonder, but I remembered now”, launched Moria, the host of the program.
“We share two men with Luli” confirmed “We share two men with Luli”, and started to tell: “we had two stories. A girlfriend I was with an American and Luli behaved badly. We were young, I was 20 years old’.” I met him in a game of polo in Argentina. I got wedding, I was two years. He was very handsome, super attractive and hence there was a seduction on the part of both. Girlfriend I was with him, so was the one that treated us is evil. But I to Luli knew her fashion shows, I was everywhere,”added. And told him how discovered: “he made the mistake of letting the computer in the House that we shared in turtles. He went to play a practice with his friends and wears that men are scruffy. The man sometimes you cag… because it’s more fun to tell friends that only the Act itself. He had written an email to your friends telling them and with pictures of her. It had everything with luxury details”.
“Luli no nothing wanted to it”.

“The first I was unfaithful and I, like a fool, I kept with it. To Luli, liked her but now is a love and already spent the time. “The me hyper swearing that was inventing friends, was 20 years old and I wanted to believe him”, said. But later learned that it was real: “she told a make-up artist in ShowMatch just who was the friend of my brother. Later I learned that it was real and I cut with type”.
“Today I have super cool with it,” said Sofía Zámalo.

But it was not the only story, there was a second man in common with Luciana: “the second can not tell because it was not supported. The second I not crapped, but I can not tell because I can eat a criminal trial. It is not known. “I before I wedding with it, it had been a couple of times with her and when I remove me, came back to be with her”.

Original source in Spanish

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