translated from Spanish: He has been in prison for 19 years accused of killing a person who is alive in Mexico

Mexico.- Manuel Germán Ramírez Valdovinos will serve on May 26, 19 years in prison, charged and sentenced for the murder of a man who is still alive. Manuel was arrested violently and without an arrest warrant on 26 May 2000, in the town of Tepexpan, Acolman municipality, east of the State of Mexico, by ministerial agents. With blows they handcuffed him, put him in the back of a car, without plates, with polarized glass; they covered his face.
Accused of the crime of manslaughter without evidence or witnesses, Ramírez Valdovinos was admitted to a penitentiary in the State of Mexico, where he began a long pilgrimage from one prison to another, from one court to another. The then Judge Third of the Penal of Toluca, and now Magistrate, Arturo Velázquez Méndez, sentenced him to more than 40 years in prison.
Among the irregularities to accuse Manuel is that the peritage of the corpse presented was totally different from that of the alleged victim: different skin color, three centimeters less in stature and without specific particular signs, than the particular signs themselves, than the particular signs themselves relatives had exposed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office as moles, scars, among others.
«It was proven that the person who allegedly killed my husband is still alive. They accuse him of something that doesn’t make sense,» said Itzel del Carmen, Manuel’s wife.
«I ask for justice and freedom from my husband who has been imprisoned for 19 years for a crime that was never committed, a fabricated crime. We have proof of the Istanbul Protocol to verify that torture was used and to accept responsibility for the crime, yet they keep it in prison. That is why I demand thorough attention to my husband’s freedom, I ask the federal government to intervene to take precautionary measures to prevent further abuses of authority. It is a fallacy that there is a rule of law in Mexico. 19 years…» finished Itzel.
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