translated from Spanish: Lucy Anna Avilés expressed solidarity with the President of Gasco: “anyone who thinks that they are his property would have said please leave”

after becoming viral registry in which appears the Chairman of Gasco, Matías Pér EZ Cruz, expelling three women from the shores of Ranco Lake, which he claimed his property, the fact earned him a series of taunts and questions. This day once the Ministry of national property confirmed that it was a public beach, in a conversation with La Tercera, Lucy Anna Avilés, the philanthropist who two years managed the Supertanker to fight fires shared its position facing This topic. “The truth I feel that there are many regulations that are unclear. I have clear that beaches are public for everyone and I guess that runs the same for lakes. “Find all this vague and would clarify the point” woman said, however, said that despite the fact that it did not see any registration that is viralizó, “nor I saw that he attacked. I saw someone asking another who was, because you think that it was in their private space.” He also referred to the funa Gasco President received through social networks where indicated that “a cell phone nowadays is a weapon which, unfortunately, when not used judiciously can cause much damage. Use it to make damage and bullying does not seem to me. I am sure that the vast majority of people not clear has the theme of the limits (of the beaches). It seems all very cruel and must be educated. It is tremendous. I can not say if it was aggressive because I didn’t see all the video, but I imagine that anyone – who think that they are on your property – would have said ‘please leave’ “.” Meeting cruel and unfair to use the cell phone as a weapon to make bullying when the majority has no idea what is the limit of the beaches. Here more that focus on whether this person was or not in correct, what has come out in the press is his life and who supports politically,”said Lucy Anna Avilés.

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