translated from Spanish: March 8 takes shape: the first Assembly today will be in College

this Friday begins to take shape the next stop international of women which will be held on March 8. In this first House (in principle will be four before this third world unemployment, a Friday), women of different political parties, trade unions, journalists, activists and women of a foot will discuss the points and the agenda to follow. The background of this third PIM against violence against women go back to October 2016 when the women of Argentina, Korea and Poland made strikes and demonstrations by different forms of oppression experienced by. In our country, between 1 and on October 19 of that year there was a femicide per day and the 8, the murder of Lucía Pérez, shocked the whole country. Because of that, on 18 October happened the first national strike of women. This year, only in January, died more than 22 women being women in the hands of their partners or former partners. Last year, more than 230 women also had that unfair and tragic end. 

But the femicides are the consequence of a system that systematically violent women, discriminating against them in their work, confining them to the tasks of the home, the care of children and sick and sexually harassing them in all work environments, family and in public. Assemblies are a key part of the force and the organization that has feminist in our country, spearhead movement throughout Latin America that pushes and pulls for these issues to be installed in the social, political and economic agenda. This year, the Organization feminist women by Matria Latinoamericana (Mumala) launched a petition through a written document to request the Declaration of an emergency national genre of March 2019 to March 2021, with proposals to authorities declare that State and act accordingly.

This point and others as home confinement, sexual abuse, abuse of power and proclaiming himself against the travesticidios, of the criminalization of migrants, of clandestinity of abortion and the patriarchal justice will be the axes to discuss and agree. The assemblies, which tend to be increasingly crowded, have a team less as organizer and a long list of speakers of the various parties for naming and enumerating the issues that must be addressed by the feminist agenda. 

These days, the internal movement emerge and it is the place where, in addition to the debate, there are disclaimers and the necessary sparks that make dialogue. Abolitionism versus sex work tends to be the axis which generates dispute, but this year the strong discrimination in a small sector of feminism (terf) towards the trans identities and transvestites clinches also in the center of the scene. Even so, with marked differences, the feminist movement is held together and has clear that the enemy is outside. 

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