translated from Spanish: May meets Varadkar to address the safeguarding of the «brexit»

London: the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, today travels to Dublin to meet with his Irish colleague, Leo Varadkar, to address the safeguarding of the agreement of the «brexit» destined to evi tar a physical border between the two Irlandas.El travel conservative «premiere» the Republic of Ireland form part of its diplomatic efforts to bring about changes in the Covenant on the «brexit» negotiated with Brussels so that it can be approved by the Parliament, following the rejection of last January. According to official sources, the head of the Government will talk to Varadkar during a dinner in Dublin, once the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) travel in the course of the day to Belfast to meet with Northern Ireland parties.

Theresa May. Photo: AP more Eurosceptic MEPs have rejected the agreement of the «brexit» by controversial safeguarding this provides that the United Kingdom remains in the customs union and that Northern Ireland is also aligned with certain rules of the single market until establish a new business relationship between the parties.
Before the meeting this evening between May and Varadkar, lawyer of the British State, Geoffrey Cox, will meet in Dublin with his Irish colleague, Seamus Woulfe, to address some legal mechanism allowing to solve the problem of the Irish «guarantee».

You may has already insisted that the United Kingdom needs a binding guarantee to ensure that the country will not remain indefinitely tethered to the rules of the European single market if London and Brussels do not reach an agreement on its future business relationship. The House of Commons last week adopted an amendment that urges the Government of the «premier» conservative «alternative arrangements» to safeguarding to Ireland of the Norte.Esa safeguard or «guarantee» has generated strong opposition among the members Eurosceptics and ten of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Ireland of the North, which May depend on to bring forward laws since it governs in minority.

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